Most of our trips will take place from 9,000 ft up to the summit of Medicine Bow Peak at 12, o13 ft. …………. So, you’ll want to be aerobically fit. Now if your goal is to summit Med Bow Peak….. You don’t have to be in marathon ready condition but ……… you’ll want to be involved in an ongoing fitness regimen that concentrates on your legs and aerobic fitness. Especially if coming from sea level. People coming from, let s say, the Denver/Front Range area, 5000 ft + in elevation, that are physically active, running, hiking, spin/aerobic classes, should have no problems with any of our trips, including climbing Medicine Bow Peak.

What if I like beer and chips and watching football?

No worries! We have tons of trips that take you to incredibly beautiful areas you don’t have to be Lance Armstrong to get to! We also love beer and chips….. Go Broncos!

The bottom line is…. When contacting us about a trip let us know what you would like to achieve and what kind of trip you have in mind and together we’ll make it happen!

What you’ll need to bring for your adventure…..

1. Good hiking boots.
2. Hiking socks and liners. Spare hiking socks and liners.
(It’s not uncommon for us to hike in snow or cross small creeks, not a problem if you have spare dry socks!)
3. Hat and sun gloves.
(The sun is intense at these elevations… not a place to work on your tan, cover up!)

4. Sunscreen
5. Bug Dope

(Depending on the area and time of year this is really important…… don’t let a few mosquitoes ruin your trip!)

6. Small backpack.
(You’ll carry your own water, spare socks, sunscreen etc. We suggest bringing a water bottle with a filter in it instead of lugging up water for the day.)

7. Rain Gear.
(Rain showers are always a possibility in the high country….. but they usually don’t last long.)

8. Sunglasses.
(If you’re fishing, make them polarized…. It’s a kick watching and then casting to the visible fish. Watch them eat your fly/lure…….. just before they become lunch!)

9. Any snacks you prefer.
(We provide various snack bars and lunches. Often lunch is freshly baked bread, just caught trout and even wild mushrooms…… if we’re lucky and you’re so inclined!)

10. Camera.
(You’ll have an unlimited choice of subjects…. Wild flowers, Critters, Mountain/landscapes and of course heroic summit shots of you on top of the tallest peak in the Medicine Bow Mountain Range…… Medicine Bow itself!
11. Binoculars.
(Really nice to have while viewing wildlife.)

12. You’re Guides.
(We’ve all been in these mountains for over 20 years each. We’re all avid outdoorsmen and are First Aid & CPR certified. We’re also permitted by both the National Forest Service and BLM. It’s our job to keep you safe, keep us from getting lost, encourage our groups and provide area insights and answers to all your questions.)

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in the hills! Feel free to contact us with any questions and book early…… spaces go quickly!


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